Thursday, March 16, 2017

A River Runs Through It.....

....well maybe a creek :)

Spent a great day with my husband doing some local hiking on his birthday. We stumbled upon an unexpected creek, which for long-drought-ridden California, was a big deal!

I love the colors of the shimmering water running over the smooth rocks, though I imagine that is a bit like saying I love puppies and sunsets!

These natural colors infuse my work always. If I experiment with other palettes I always come back to the more evocative neutrals.

 I'm continuing to work on these long double stranded "slab" necklaces. They have no clasps and slip over the head. The strands can be flipped to reveal more of the blackish or the gold toned slabs. These photos don't show it very well but the gold slabs have a lovely shimmer in the right light. They are very lightweight (one of the benefits of polymer clay), and fun to wear. The pieces feel so smooth and make a lovely sound when they sway into each other. Something for all the senses. :)

I've been making more earrings with posts instead of ear wires. I find they sit better, and mitigate a bit of the longer length of my earrings. I was a  bit leery at first as my own pierced holes have elongated with age (among other body parts) and I worried the posts would sag. But to the contrary they worked nicely. And I feel more secure I won't lose them if I fling my scarf over my shoulder.

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Linda :)

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